As Steffy and Liam Rage Against Sheila, Hope and Finn Share an Unexpectedly Intimate Moment Together (2024)

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As we get into The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam and Steffy are griping at Forrester. He isn’t sure how Finn can ignore all the feelings he has for his mom, but Steffy tells him there’s only room for her or Sheila. Period. It won’t be a problem, Steffy says. Finn knows her feelings. Fine, Liam says, but she’s “reformed” now and Finn’s gullible enough to think she’s “a normal, well adjusted person.”

Whatever, Steffy shrugs, Sheila doesn’t mean anything to her or Finn. “I know Finn’s going to stay away from her.” Steffy thinks Sheila believing she can manipulate Finn is ridiculous. Liam wants to clarify: Ridiculous that she thinks she can or that she actually can? Then there’s Hope. She seems to be falling for Sheila too, Liam scoffs.

As Steffy and Liam Rage Against Sheila, Hope and Finn Share an Unexpectedly Intimate Moment Together (2)

Steffy is horrified and wants to know how it happened. Hope spoke with Sheila and bought her story about trying to stop Sugar. Neither Steffy nor Liam buy it. Liam says Hope’s trying to have an “open mind.” “She better not have an open mind around my husband and lead him down a wrong path,” Steffy snaps.

Finn, meanwhile, is talking to Hope in his office and can’t believe that Deacon and Sheila are marrying, or that they want Hope and him there for the big day. Is Hope OK with being Sheila’s maid of honor? She doesn’t know, but she thought she should tell Finn — she’s a safe place to mull over this.

As Steffy and Liam Rage Against Sheila, Hope and Finn Share an Unexpectedly Intimate Moment Together (3)

Finn’s torn, but there’s no way to convince Steffy. “I believe Sheila has changed and Steffy doesn’t. I’m afraid she never will.” He might want to say yes, but his commitment is to Steffy first. Hope thinks Finn wanting to put Steffy first is wonderful and he says there’s nothing else he can do. Hopefully, she’ll eventually come around. He then asks what Hope is going to do, but is a bit surprised when she admits she’s “leaning towards going.”

“Hope, this is not some everyday wedding,” Finn tells her. Going will mean she’s supporting her father marrying Sheila. Carter. “Is that something you can see yourself doing?” She just wants to see her dad happy. She then pinches her nose and admits she’s been having headaches.

Finn offers to take a look and, after half-heartedly saying no, she agrees to let him help. He checks her out and asks a few questions. She mentions wanting to start acupuncture and he thinks that’s a great idea. That and massage. “Do you trust me? I’ve been told these hands work wonders.”

Deacon tells Sheila to picture their wedding with their kids by their side. Sheila says it’s a lovely thought, but pigs will fly first. “You don’t ask, you don’t get. We’ll see what happens,” Deacon tells her and they hug excitedly. Hope, he says, is willing to talk to Finn. Sheila, though, can’t get excited because of Steffy.

As Steffy and Liam Rage Against Sheila, Hope and Finn Share an Unexpectedly Intimate Moment Together (4)

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The thought of Finn attending the wedding is amazing. But realistically, after the last visit from Steffy, Sheila’s not sure Finn will make it to the wedding, let alone be Deacon’s best man. Deacon’s a bit worried about Sheila. Specifically “About Steffy. About your tone.” He gets that she’s frustrated with Steffy, but warns her to be careful.

“You can’t ignore the reality that some of the things you did in the past had a lasting effect on Steffy and her family.” But at the same time, she can’t ignore that Sheila has changed. “She is the one thing standing between a relationship between me and my son,” Sheila says forcefully.

In the show’s last few moments, Deacon tells Sheila she’s not instilling confidence in him. “I’ve got too much good in my life right now to let someone like Steffy throw me off track,” she smiles. She wants Deacon the most in the world, and they’re going to be together regardless of what Steffy thinks or wants. And Steffy will never come between her and Finn. Nothing will destroy the incredible little life she’s got going.

As Steffy and Liam Rage Against Sheila, Hope and Finn Share an Unexpectedly Intimate Moment Together (5)

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At Forrester, Steffy fumes that she should have “seen this coming,” with all the stuff Hope has been saying about Steffy disregarding Finn’s feelings towards his birth mother. Liam muses that Hope might just have her best interests in mind regarding their marriage. Steffy yells in disagreement and says Hope needs to stay away from Finn. This could be dangerous. She needs to stay away from him “altogether!”

Finn, meanwhile, is giving Hope a head massage, going through things that could be causing the headache… like stress. That could do it, Hope says. Between Thomas being across the world, things with Douglas, and this, she’s got a lot on her plate. Finn rests his hands on her shoulders and tells her to take some time for herself. Hope marvels that she feels better after the massage.

As Steffy and Liam Rage Against Sheila, Hope and Finn Share an Unexpectedly Intimate Moment Together (6)

“Look, if Thomas is causing you this much stress,” Finn counsels, she needs to let him go. “You are so beautiful, kind, and passionate in what you do.” And she’s got a smile that lights up the world. She deserves the best, and he doesn’t think it’s Thomas. “Someone special will come along right when you least expect it. I’m certain of it. Any man would be lucky to be with you.”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy learns of Sheila and Deacon’s wedding plans and Hope needs Finn’s medical expertise.

As we get ready for Deacon and Sheila’s marriage (whether Steffy wants it or not), look back on in our photo gallery below.

As Steffy and Liam Rage Against Sheila, Hope and Finn Share an Unexpectedly Intimate Moment Together (2024)


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