Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (2024)

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (1)James Saltarella
2020-10-18 20:07:26 GMT

I know my pizza. This is very good pizza. I was last here a few years ago and I decided to stop in today. Basic cheese and pep. All ingredients are quality. Id say this is easily one of the best pizza's in ghe 716. Highly recommended 👌

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (2)John Szczesny
2018-02-20 16:42:15 GMT

First of all I have to say their pizza is absolutely outstanding! I'll rate it the 1st or 2nd best I ever had in my life...and that's in over 50 years of eating pizza. The crust is not to thick, not too thin, not hard, not doughy. Full of flavor even the outer crust which I never eat. The sauce is flavorful & a bit on the sweet side. They use "cup & char" pepperoni that is excitingly spicy. They don't skimp on the real mozzarella either. The restaurant is clean & attractive and the dining area is cozy feeling. Nothing like you'd expect at a pizzeria. The friendly & courteous wait staff perfectly rounds out the dining experience. Yes they are a little pricey...One big negative thou - CASH ONLY, NO CREDIT CARDS. An ATM is on site if needed.

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (3)Valerie Serwicki
2021-01-18 14:13:30 GMT

Since moving to the area this past August this has become our GO TO place! We order every week for our family pizza(and everything all the food is good and we order a variety)night. Their food is always delicious, they always get the order right, and customer service is top notch. The gentleman working the counter who I believe is one of the owners is very friendly and I love how connected to the community they are. As I wait for my food I watch them talk to all the customers and call them out by name because they know them. We will absolutely keep coming back, they've earned our business 😊

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (4)Christopher Bishop
2020-09-24 02:41:36 GMT

Family went there today and we had a fantastic experience. I got a royal sub like I do at practically every pizza type place and it was one of the best I've ever had, if not the best. My son loved his meatball parmesan sub as well. Fries were crispy and hot. Would definitely go again.

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (5)Jason Sweet
2019-08-09 01:18:31 GMT

Our first time there, ordered the Greek pizza and BBQ wings.....freaking amazing. Wife, kids and I loved every bite. Waitress was on her game and super nice. When it came time to pay, they only take cash or checks and the guy told me I could come back later if I didn't have the cash. ATM on site kept that from happening but just the gesture alone was so unheard of. We will be back, soon....and again after that. Thanks Clarence Pizza!

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (6)K S
2021-01-04 19:54:38 GMT

The have a great traditional found only in Buffalo pizza with excellent cheese and a thick cut spicier pepperoni. It's our go to Northtowns pizza! Have trouble getting consistent crispy wings despite asking for extra extra extra crispy, pop the top until we pick up! But when they are right they are the best!

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (7)Melinda Darling
2019-11-02 02:48:36 GMT

Stopped on while in the area. Good decision! The calzone was amazing. Spaghetti parm delicious. Pizza wonderful. Fried shrimp pretty good. Staff very friendly. Already looking for excuses to go back!

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (8)Scott Morgan
2019-09-01 19:50:10 GMT

Friendly folks here, excellent pie with well-proofed dough. Cash only.. so be prepared to get hit with an ATM fee if you don't have scratch in your wallet...however, the owner's kind enough to take a check.

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (9)Marty Mincer
2018-12-15 15:29:22 GMT

This is some of the best pizza I have had. Pricing is competitive. Not cheap, but to be honest I do not pay a premium for the level of quality that here guys put out, We have pizza once a week and have tried many places near Clarence, the bench mark so far is Clarence Pizza Company. Great job guys and Merry Christmas to every one

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (10)Alex Sciolino
2020-08-14 20:06:29 GMT

This is the pizza I think of when someone asks "what's a buffalo pizza like?"

Also the quality of their food is extremely consistent.

The only con is that they only accept cash, I'd rather have the option to use credit even I have to pay an extra fee.

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (11)Bernice Collins
2019-10-24 21:47:46 GMT

Recently moved out this way. Ordered many times since then. Consistently wonderful. Whether eat in or delivery. Excellent. Pizza, calzones,wings, salads, subs, chicken sandwich. Amazing staff as well 👍👍❤ My go to place when I’m hungry.

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (12)Christen Morris
2015-08-10 17:39:33 GMT

Clarence Pizza Company did an outstanding job catering our luau. They worked with us on the menu choices, helped with ideas, and delivered the food on time. Everything was presented nicely and tasted delicious - several guests specifically asked for the contact information for them. Thank you!!

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (13)Nick O'Keefe
2017-04-20 20:22:18 GMT

Always a pleasure to have some of their pizza. The local business is one of the greatest pizza places in town. With an ice cream place right next door it's perfect if you're looking for a place to go in the summer. Would recommend to anyone looking for pizza

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (14)Eric McCracken
2020-11-01 22:44:51 GMT

The pizza is so good we drive almost an hour for it! A nice place to just enjoy some family time. Great pizza & friendly people helping our family make great memories

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (15)Robert DiBiase
2020-12-20 00:19:57 GMT

Everything on the menu is incredible- you can’t go wrong.

The BEST steak sub in WNY. Their Cajun chicken wings are unique to this restaurant - highly recommended.

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (16)shawn johnson
2021-04-29 20:21:11 GMT

LOVE this place. Friendly, delicious and relaible for years. Classic buffalo pizza and wings....and if your lucky enough to get there on ziti day, don't sleep on it. Trust me !

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (17)charles worpek
2020-10-14 23:56:37 GMT

I went there with the family and had a nice time, the pizza was great and the chicken fingers were perfect they also keep the place extremely clean and have plenty of parking

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (18)Paul Leubner Jr.
2019-04-24 12:49:16 GMT

With incredibly deep roots to the Clarence Center community clarence pizza company or as everyone still calls it "pizza inn" is the best around. Timmy and the crew always have always taken care of us. their food is always right on and they're always friendly and awesome... Hometown feel when you go in and timmy's always ready to crack a joke always a good vibe. This place will always have my heart.

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (19)Stephanie Johnson
2019-07-02 14:37:52 GMT

I love this pizzeria they havr amazing foid sll thr way around! If you never had them before they are a MUST TRY you wilk not be disappointed. There is a large seating area to dine in! AMAZING FOOD GOOD SERVICE FRIENDLY STAFF!!

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (20)Jack Stefanick
2018-03-26 11:03:16 GMT

Although they don't accept credit cards(they do have an ATM), this little place has some high quality low priced foods. It's right off of the Clarence bike path and right next door to an ice cream place that has icees infused with ice cream called sno balls. It's never crowded and they have gumball machines for a penny and a quarter. I go here several times per summer on my numerous bike rides and I can buy 2 half subs and 2 drinks for under $20. My friend even said their wings are comparable to Duff's!

Clarence Pizza Company, Buffalo Reviews (2024)


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