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Nier Automata: Human (Nier Automata x Reader)


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Note: This is a girls of Nier Automata x male readerDescription/Summery(Y/n) (L/n) is a Human with a microcomputer that was implanted inside his head in the latest years before humanity went extinct. The microcomputer gives him more strength then an average human could ever have and has the speed of a Olympic athlete on land and in water. Also it increased his brains own prossecing speed and sensory. Even with all of that and some unknown things there is one thing that the scientist that did this to him would of never was that he could live forever, not in essence of that he was immortal. He life it's self expands on forever until he ever gets killed by someone or something, he can't die from anything natural. Even with all of the known and unknown abilities (Y/n) has, he didn't have anything to help him with loneliness after the rest of mankind went extinct, until one fateful day thousands of years after mankind went extinct.I do not own Nier Automata or any pictures I use. only the story.…

Nier Automata: Last of Mankind


8,803 145 5

You are last of the Humanity When Proxy War started you were betrayed by Android and left you for dead and for Unknown reason you wake up in the Cryopod and now your seeking revenge or will you forgive her…

Deliver Hope (nier automata x male reader)


221,688 3,256 31

First fanfiction story I made.Thousands of years ago aliens invaded planet Earth and humans were forced to leave home and move to the Earth. To this day humanity fights against them and the machines. But they are not alone in their desperate attempt to turn the tide of war, they created Androids who soon name known as Yorha. (Y/n)(L/n) or known was the lone wolf went missing and everyone assumed he was dead...but what happens when they discover that he is alive with no memories? Now he must fight against the machines and discover who he is at the same time, the only question remains will he succeed in ending this war? Or will humanity forever remain in constant war....…

NieR Automata: A2 x Human


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Ever since NieR:Automata came out I've completely fallen in love with the game and its characters. I thought 2B was going to be my favorite through thick and thin but A2 showed up. I really wish she had more screen and play time. This is my attempt to try and bring out her character and develop background for her. Non canon! *POTENTIAL SPOILERS*…

Just You And Me (Nier Automata FanFiction)


3,275 42 19

2B and 9S want to do their journey to clear out all the enemies in the Earth. But there is something wrong between them. Do you want to know the story? Check out this one!…

NieR Automata 'The children of ice'


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Hundreds of years ago humanity was faced with an extinction-level event when a deadly virus began to wipe humans out, eventually, they turned to something known as Project Gestalt which was supposed to serve as humanities saving grace by allowing humans to remove their souls from their bodies and thus become immune to the virus, however, there were those who did not think this was the best course of action, namely one family in particular, the Vikters family.Instead, the parents of this family had begun construction on a number of cryo pods to cryogenically freeze themselves to save their family from the virus without the risk of removing their souls and any issues that may arise from doing so, however by the time they had finished the first two the parents were already infected and it was too late for them and so they had their two children get into the pods and froze them to save their lives before they could be infected too, with their final words being that they loved them.Now thousands of years later the two siblings step out into a world vastly different to the one they once knew where they will face trials and tribulations at every turn, but as long as they have each other they will prevail, but one must wonder how the androids and machines of this new world will react to the last two humans on Earth.…

Ultimate Automata (Nier Automata X Ultimatrix Male Wielder) (Discontinued)


18,032 439 18

My second story:#1) 30/11/2022: Drakengard and 9s…

Nier Automata Hidden Secrets That Everyone Should KNOW!


93,205 1,002 33

Well if you play the game or not, there are lots of random secrets and other stuff about this game that we loved about how Yoko Taro did this!03/17/2019 UPDATE: Just republished on some parts for now...Stay Tuned!05/27/2019 UPDATE: Republished more... More might come soon!08/20/2019 UPDATE: Two more parts published!…

Nier Automata: Journeys in the 12th Millennium


13,662 539 24

Japan, Shinjuku, 2003. The sky opened and two monstrous beings came out of nowhere. At the end of the conflict between the two, a man named Alan is sent to the distant future, lost in an unknown yet familiar world.Now Alan must survive amidst a war between androids and machines, with the remaining humans awaiting on the moon while he roams the world, spreading human knowledge to those who listen.With the help of his faulty companion, POD 000, Alan will record and transmit all the knowledge to those interested in the past of this war-torn world.…

Nier Automata (2B x 9S)


8,810 129 7

WARNING: This is my first ever Story/ Fanfic, So please have mercy on my soul if I get any characters personas or characteristics wrong.Setting/ Time: After route CPlot: 2B and 9S find out that they express emotions for each other and realize that they aren't supposed to love each other.Updated almost Saturday and SundayEdit February 8th, 2019: I will revise this whole thing.…

Strange new World (Nier automata/Human)


8,528 172 13

To be honest. I have never played in nie automata,but i readed a lot of stories about that.Besides this is my first story ever made. In this story my main character is normal teenager with no Powers and magic. He tries to survive in a New World during the biggest on longer war ever. Fortunatly for him by one of the gift he he discovered a new passion that turned out to be very useful to him in this world, more than he thought. Now she has to hide from machines and androids. Fortunatly for him no one expects mythical creature, but how long he can keep it in secret?.…

Nier Automata: Race Against Time


2,033 57 5

This is part 2 of Deliver Hope!After the death of Adam and defeat of Eve the UNSC and Special Units Yorha have now made Skynet their next target. However, it seems ONI has something else planned and not only that a strange ring is seen floating in Space.(Y/n)(L/n) or Nier as he was originally known as will face more than just Skynet. He had believed he could start a new life when he had reincarnated and joined the UNSC but what will happen when the past starts to catch up to him?…

𝙸 πšƒπš‘πš’πš—πš”, πšƒπš‘πšŽπš›πšŽπšπš˜πš›πšŽ 𝙸 π™°πš– ||Nier Automata x Reader||


2,043 63 3

||Nier Automata x Reader||In a world of constant destruction and war what will it take to break the cycle to finally find peace? But once the fighting has stopped what happens when one is left without a purpose?When you wake up in a world where everything you have ever known is lost to time, how do you carry on?Memories muddling together, you now have to survive in this world while trying to make sense of it.[WARNING]: Will contain heavy spoilers to the game. I highly advise playing it yourself before reading.(NOTE): Updates will be slow because this is just a small side project I wanted to take up.Started Writing: October 22nd 2020Started Uploading: January 1st 2021Finished: TBD(Story by me)(I don't own Nier automata)(I don't own you)(Cover is made from images found online so I don't own them)…

RVB X NieR Automata(With OC)


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After the events of The Tower going down of Ending E, there was an unknown soldier who works with Director Roco, after his ancestor died, as it reveals his ancestor plan was to lie YoRHa members of The Bunker just so they could use YoRHa's as military and began hiding from alien invasion all according to directors plan. Before the plan began, one man, named Allen Grostune, create 1 A.I. and 9 A.I. fragments and create a cure that the Director wanted the cure the most. After hiding 9 fragments, Director was aware of Allen's plan and pretend he didn't know but can't find where the other A.I.'s left hidden. Now it's up to Reds and Blues after Allen left a message to Kimball to end corruption in another world for good.(Season 1 - 5 of Blood Gulch Chronicle)Red Vs Blue belongs to Rooster TeethNieR Automata develop by PlatinumGamesOC Belongs to me…

Nier Automata Ocs


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Ocs for the Nier Automata Game and Anime.(I don't own the Nier Automata Game and Anime. I only own my ocs.)(I don't own the cover picture. All Rights go to the owners.)…

Nier Automata: Another Story


1,113 11 2

Fate Grand Order x Nier Automata This was actually done out from some ideas me and my friend did. We were so into them that we had to include an AU with both series (s). I'm not sure wether I will continue this one but I hope you guys enjoyed it! It's my first time doing this ( ; -; ) do include some advices so that they would be of help for me to improve in the near future if you would like to share! All characters and series (s) included in this are not mine.…

Nier Automata: [Alt]ternative Novel (NOW UNDERGOING REVISIONS!)


4,326 69 5

During the events of Project Gestalt's collapse, one human was able to survive the apocalypse and kept safe in cryogenic sleep for millennia, only to reawaken to a decimated world of Nier Automata. With only a weird machine obsessed over flowers in tow, accompanied by a defective Pod and an amnesiac android male for the company and a few gear, he sets out, to see what has become of the place he once called home...…

Humanities last Hope (Nier Automata x Military Soldiers and Marines)


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What happens when Me, my brother, and a few of our friends were preserved in a secret laboratory when the Alien's invaded the earth. Then over 9,000 years in the future we wake up from our sleep and now have to take back the earth from the Alien machines. However we wont be alone as android allies will fight alongside us to help take back the Earth. We will face many obstacles during the journey but we will overcome anything!(This is a story that has been in my head for a while and I will be using some characters presented to me from other writers.)…

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