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Premier Valet Parking Services

For over 60 years, we’ve established long-term relationships by providing white-glove valet parking services for a wide range of partners. Whether organizing for 25, 2,500, or more, planning a year in advance or scrambling for next week, we can deliver.

Who We Serve

We’re proud to provide valet and self-parking for a wide range of businesses, events, hotels, universities, hospitals, and more.

  • Private & Public Events
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Corporations
  • Sports Venues

AAA Parking has served prestigious hotel and resort properties for decades, including the InterContinental Los Angeles — the tallest building in the Western United States, the InterContinental Buckhead, the Atlanta Marriott Marquis — our first valet contract, and many others including respected hospitality brands such as Hilton, Hyatt, Loews, Starwood, and Four Seasons.

We also provide valet services for events, planning and executing on short timelines for respected clients such as the High Museum and Atlanta-based Legendary Events. We work with sports arenas, air shows, festivals, and private weddings/event venues. Regardless of the volume or timeline of your needs, we have the experience and management skills to make any event or facility a success.

Custom Parking Solutions Since 1956

AAA Parking has over six decades of experience providing the finest valet parking services in the industry, from events to hospitality. As a premier provider of professional parking services, we work with prestigious hotels and resorts, universities, corporations, caterers, and residents. Our team is trained to deliver consistent customer service by anticipating guest needs, always taking care to maintain a friendly and professional appearance, and promptly delivering vehicles. Our valets support seamless operations and curbside professionalism at all times, delivering delightful experiences for your guests and profitable operations for you.

Our Philosophy

We handle large properties, but we’re not a huge company. AAA Parking has been a family-run business, based in Atlanta, since 1956. Healthy relationships and good communication are crucial to our business model. A dedicated manager with a thorough understanding of your brand standards and the detailed logistics of your property will be on-site at all times. We’re committed to becoming a trusted extension of your team. We begin every working relationship by performing a thorough property evaluation to understand your physical space and resources as well as your business culture. Then we create a customized plan, unique to your property and designed to deliver the finest valet services available. Everything we do is focused on providing white-glove valet services your guests will long remember.

Custom Valet Service Plans

You can expect seamless curbside service and worry-free operations. AAA Parking’s experienced executive leadership and advanced technology allow us to quickly identify and respond to problems without compromising your guests’ experience. Our valet parking experts utilize space efficiently and will ensure adherence to proper revenue controls and procedures. Accountability is paramount to our event valet and valet management services; as is putting accurate controls in place for verifiable financial results. Unique customized service plans are designed to avoid disruption, lower your costs, and capture all available revenue from your parking options. We also carry a multi-million dollar umbrella insurance policy with Traveler’s Insurance to protect our clients fully from any possible liability. We value long-term, profitable relationships with our clients and are constantly working to maximize return on investment for our valet parking partners.

Experienced & Professional Valets

The AAAs of Service card — Attitude, Assistance, and Appearance — is the most important part of our employee uniform. These service standards are emphasized in pre-shift and post-shift staff meetings as well as through on-site documentation. Our valets are thoroughly vetted through an intensive hiring process that includes various security screenings and an in-depth interview before joining our team. Each staff member is trained in providing professional and courteous valet parking services, and are consistently evaluated for performance. AAA Parking valets always look professional, are friendly and attentive to guests, keep a positive attitude, and thank guests for their business.

Improving Parking Operations and Your Bottom Line

Experienced executive leadership and advanced technology allow us to quickly identify and respond to problems without compromising your guests’ experience. Strict, accurate controls mean strong accountability and verifiable financial results. Efficient space usage and adherence to proper revenue controls and procedures all play a vital role in your return on investment. Our parking technologies aid in providing insight into your operation can reveal opportunities for increased revenue, decreased cost, and a more efficient valet parking experience for your guests. You’ll experience maximized profits from our customized service plan designed to avoid disruption, lower your costs, and capture all available revenue from your parking options.

Ensuring Efficiency and Quality

We know that strict, accurate controls mean strong accountability and verifiable financial results. AAA Parking employs multiple strategies to monitor guest experiences and ensure that the AAAs of Service standards are upheld. We compile guest satisfaction scores at hotels and other properties, review them regularly with staff, and are responsive to customer feedback. We also rely on Secret Shopper reports to detail every interaction in the valet parking experience, from the initial greeting to departure – who serves the guest, how their needs are met, the promptness of service, and how vehicles are cared for. Additionally, our state-of-the-art parking technology systems increase both measurability and results for clients’ parking operations. Everything we do is designed to ensure a friendly, efficient, and profitable guest valet experience.

A Trusted Extension of Your Team

A dedicated property manager will be on-site at all times to monitor your parking facility and valet operation, and ensure seamless operations for both you and your guests. At AAA Parking, we’re not just another vendor. The entire team takes great pride in our reputation and service delivery. Each and every one of our managers is committed to becoming a trusted extension of your team. You’ll find that AAA Parking’s reputation in the industry is unrivaled — we have never lost sight of what’s most important in our business: providing exceptional parking services to our guests while driving value and profit for our partners. That’s why our clients, big and small, have come to rely on us to provide superior returns by delivering excellent service every time.

Valet Parking Technology

AAA Parking uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure good customer service for your guests and profitable operations for your business. Vehicles are extensively photographed to record their condition upon facility entry, and are monitored the entire time they’re in our care. At many of our locations, valet parking software from CVPS (Creating Vision in Parking Systems) provides mobile and desktop tools to maximize revenue, protect clients from damage claims, and deliver prompt and efficient customer service.

Customers increasingly expect ticketless valet parking options, PCI compliant credit card processing, and seamless integration with your property’s external management systems, such as hotel guest billing software. We employ solutions from industry leaders TIBA Parking Systems and Parkeon to lower the initial investment necessary to institute a valet parking system as well as the cost of maintaining it moving forward.

We create parking systems for automated smart facilities with the conveniences that modern customers expect – web reservations, pay-on-foot, and mobile payments. SMS technology is available to allow customers to text ahead to get their vehicle. We provide operators with Service Tracking Systems(STS) so they can monitor operations in real time. Most importantly, we provide management with the data needed to maximize revenue.

Valet Parking Services | Events, Hotels, Restaurants (2024)


What does valet parking at a hotel mean? ›

Valet parking is a service that operates at places such as hotels and restaurants, in which customers' cars are parked by an attendant. The hotel offers a valet parking service where staff greet customers at the entrance and take the vehicle to a parking garage.

Is $5 a good tip for valet? ›

Tipping your valet is good practice because they work hard, often in grueling weather conditions, to provide this service. Experts recommend tipping between $2 and $5 per trip, or $10 for excellent service. You may not be expected to tip valets at certain venues – like hospitals – or for private events.

How much do you tip valet parking at hotels? ›

A typical gratuity is between $2 and $5, depending on the quality of the service delivered. Offering less than a dollar is not customary and may be insulting. But if your parking attendant offers a service that's above and beyond the norm, then it's common to tip your hotel valet more.

What is valet service in a hotel? ›

US. : a service in which guests at a hotel, restaurant, etc., can have their cars parked by an employee.

Is valet parking free in hotels? ›

Although some valet services may be offered free of charge, most require guests to pay a small fee beforehand. Cost is ultimately decided based on management's preferences. While valet parking can be offered anywhere, it is particularly useful in cities or suburban areas that may have limited parking.

What is the proper etiquette for valet parking? ›

Tip the valet, even if the service is free. Valet attendants make a good deal of their income from tips. Again, the standard amount is $2-5. If they've offered special services, like assistance with luggage, give them more.

Do you tip valet with no cash? ›

If you are planning to use a valet service at an airport, it's best to keep small bills in your pocket for tipping. It's more convenient to tip cash at pick up and drop off, as many of the valets are busy running from one task to the other.

How much to tip hotel housekeeping? ›

According to the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), guests should tip housekeeping anywhere between $1 to $5 per night for a mid-range or business hotel. For luxury hotels where the staff offers daily cleaning services and nightly turndown services, guests should leave a little more.

Should you tip hospital valet parking? ›

Tipping Etiquette for Valet Parking Services

A tip for valet parking at hospital shows appreciation for the valet's service and acknowledges their effort in making your visit smoother during potentially stressful times. A good rule of thumb is to offer between $2 to $5.

Do you tip valet every time they get your car? ›

It is customary to still tip the valet when they get your car. I usually give them a few bucks each time they bring the car.

How much to tip a baggage handler at a hotel? ›

Luggage attendants: Tip $1 to $2 per bag carried up to your room. If you only have a bag or two, tip a minimum of $5 to make it worth the trip, Gottsman says. Valet parkers: Give $2 to $5 when they pull up with your car.

How much to tip Bellman at a hotel? ›

Nels said he would “suggest $2 per bag or up to $5 per bag for hotel bellhop, subject to the size and weight of the bag.” He added that if the bellhop goes above and beyond in assisting you to get settled in your room after check-in (such as offering a short tour or bringing ice), you should consider tipping more.

What are the rules of valet service? ›

Valet staff should note and document any damage to a vehicle or its contents before driving it. Valet staff should suggest that guests remove any valuables from the guest's vehicles prior to turning the vehicle over to the hotel; at the very least, such articles should be locked in the trunk.

What does a full valet include? ›

A full car valet includes a full vacuum (including the entire interior, seats, boot and side pockets), cleaning and buffing of all surfaces and materials, full leather clean, full interior shampoo clean (of seats, carpets and mats), window cleaning, tyre shine, the removal of tar spots and a full exterior polish.

What are examples of valet services? ›

A Valet Staff carries out a variety of personalized services, such as: Pack and unpack guest's luggage. Collect guest's items for laundry and pressing. Shine and clean guest's shoes.

What is the point of valet parking? ›

The main advantage of valet parking is convenience. Customers do not have to walk from a distant parking spot carrying heavy loads.

Does valet parking mean they clean your car? ›

Definitions. Bronze Valet Service includes a hand wash, wheel wash and hand polish. Gold Valet Service includes a shampoo hand wash, leather dry, wheel clean, tyre dressing and superior hand polish, plus interior vacuum of seats, carpets and boot.

How does a car valet work? ›

Typically, a “mini-valet” will include an exterior wash and quick tidy up of the interior. Full valets usually include a deeper clean of the exterior and interior, as well as the application of a wax or sealant to the paintwork, and a tire and trim dressing to the exterior plastic and rubber.

Why is it called valet? ›

Both are French importations of valet or varlet (the "t" being silent in modern French), Old French variants of vaslet "man's servant", originally "squire, young man", assumed to be from Gallo-Romance Vulgar Latin *vassellittus "young nobleman, squire, page", diminutive of Medieval Latin vassallus, from vassus "servant ...


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